The Vanzas form a very cohesive community. They trace their communal history back to a ‘kshatriya’ ancestry. We understand that during the era of Lord Raam, a certain Brahmin called Parshuraam vowed to kill all ‘kshatriyas’ on earth. As he set about implementing this somewhat vindictive programme, the ancestors of  the Vanzas became nervous and prayed to their patron deity, Mata Hingraj, promising that they would leave fighting and take up the craft of weaving in return for her protection. Mataji agreed and upon her instructions her followers moved to the Vindhya Mountains, south of Ujjain. They kept their words and they became peaceful weavers and tailors. They flourished and, as time became more tranquil, moved down to the plains of Kathiawaar. Since they came from Vindhya Mountains, they became known as vindhyas – which eventually, somehow, became VANZAS.

We worship the goddess Hingraj Maa and the sage Guru Gopal Lalji Maharaj.

Those Vanzas who settled in the UK and particularly those in London, established organisations in north and east of London, leaving those in the south to travel long distant to attend various cultural and religious functions organised by them. This necessitated an establishment of a similar kind in south of London and hence the inception of The Vanza Community of South London on 2 August 1992.

We are a registered charity organisation, main objects being to promote harmonious community relations amongst people of all races, beliefs & cultures and to advance & promote the Vanza traditions & customs. In furtherance of the main objects, we hold various functions to celebrate religious and cultural festivals and make provisions to dispense charity either in cash or kind to the needy in the UK and elsewhere in the world.

The Vanza Community of South London, recently known popularly as VCSL, is managed and administered by the Executive Committee and the Board of Trustees, democratically elected annually or on regular intervals. Membership is granted to anyone upon the payment of an annual subscription.

The above information is provided by
Arunbhai Jethalal Tank