Our annual Samuh Bhajan in memory of our loved ones was once again held on Sunday afternoon to remember our ‘pitrus’. Our members, bandhus and their friends started to arrive and on their arrival they were welcomed by our committee members and greeted with ‘tilak’ on the forehead by the members of the VCSL Youth Committee. They were directed towards the dining hall for a delicious meal.


The programme started with the first Aarti by our two distinguished guests Harishbhai Ghumra and family and Babulalbhai Gohil and family from Norway followed by melodious bhajans by The Parivar Bhajan mandali from Leicester into the evening and everyone participated, singing along. Some were so engrossed they stood up and danced, it was a divine atmosphere! The highlight of the day was when our own young South Londoner, Vikash Manubhai Champaner who sang a number of bhajans, people were mesmerized by his deep voice and artistic style of singing. He was given standing applaud from the crowd.


As with every year, we displayed the photos and PowerPoint presentation of those we were remembering. Finally we had the loti utsav with both men and woman taking part in garba. The hall was then filled with the light of divas for the main Aarti. There were farari snacks for all before they left for their journey home. It was a day to be remembered and all those who attended said, ‘we will be back next year and keep up the good work.’
Once again thanks to all the sponsors, volunteers and the committee members for making of Samuh Bhajan 2014.

If you want to see photos from the Samuh Bhajan 2014, head over to our Gallery